The nSpiring Youth Organization is a social enterprise.  

We are a team of business leaders, social workers, engineers, and policy makers, joint in our resolve to drive positive change in our communities, primarily for our youth.  As a statement, our mission is to serve as a central hub coordinating and maximizing the utility of existing community outreach programs and providing platforms to foster experiential learning opportunities for youth of all ages with an emphasis on the STEMtoSTEAM movement, Financial Literacy, Fitness and Wellness, Diversity and Cultural Awareness and Sustainable Growth and Development.

We are bridge builders and we are at the forefront of policy and change.

The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy.
— Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve

A little (more) about us...

  • The nSpiring Youth Organization collaborates with a variety of financial institutions and other foundations to provide a financial education and science, technology, engineering, arts+design, mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) campaign based on their collective wisdom.
  • nSpiring Youth programs are individualized hands on learning opportunities for children enrolled in early childcare settings (3-5) up to young adults and their families throughout communities.
  • nSpiring Youth provides a number of consultancy services including Family Training, Program Development and Accreditation, Business and IT Optimization and Resource Management.  We also, through our partners, collaborate on Sustainability and Entrepreneurship initiatives throughout the region.