Because we all need a hand sometimes...

The nSpiring Youth Organization serves as a central hub to coordinate and maximize the utility of existing community outreach programs and businesses.  We help reduce redundancy and locate inefficiencies in existing efforts.  By helping everyone work together, it's the youth and community that wins.

Program Development and Management

Sometimes, identifying the problem is actually rather easy.  However, finding a solution and implementing it - well, that's not so simple.  We're here to help.  Our experience managing a portfolio of non-profits and businesses gives us keen insights into trends and the know-how while our unique "there is no box" approach to solutions gives us the leverage to be truly innovative.

Let us help you refine or develop your program - send us an e-mail or give us a call, and let's start the discussion today!

Business Optimization

Ever felt like your non-profit was running you, not the other way around?  That's because running a business, or non-profit, isn't easy.  Running one efficiently, is even more difficult.  We can help you find solutions to optimize your workflow, infrastructure, and workspace and help you minimize the burden of daily operations.  

An efficient business minimizes your daily stresses, lowers your bottom line, and allows you to focus on your passions - on why you got into business in the first place.  Tell us about your business and let's open the dialogue today!


Resource Management and Collaborative Consulting

You've got a great cause.  Unfortunately, sometimes that's not enough and you're still having trouble gaining traction the way you anticipated. Or, maybe you've got the resources and really want to assist a movement, but you're not sure where to start.  Let us help.  We constantly interact with various non-profits and businesses and we're constantly aligning efforts to build bridges and relationships. Together, we can ensure our efforts are working together and getting maximum utility.

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Photographs by Jon Bilous.